The length of time anywhere is measured by the amount of time it takes a planet to revolve around the star in its solar system. In the real world, it takes Earth 365 days to complete its cycle around the moon. Mars, which is further from the sun than Earth, takes 687 earth days to complete its cycle.

In terms to help you better understand how time is measured on Pariatas, it takes 468 ‘earth’ days to complete its cycle around its star, which would put it between Earth and Mars in its orbit if it were a real planet in this solar system.

So there are 468 days in a year on Pariatas. A year is made up of 13 Chains (months), with each Chain consisting of three 12 day Lincs (weeks). That makes each Chain 36 days long.

A year on Pariatas begins with the Molting of leaves from the trees and the chilling of the lands, followed by the quick descent into winter. Winter is the longest season, which is followed the warming of the land in the Rebirth of vegetation and then continues into the shortest season, the Flourishing of that vegetation in the warm weather. The Flourishing lasts until the end of the year until the Molting beings again.

Chains always begin on a full moon and end with the last part of its waxing phase.

Glossary: Year: 468 days long

Chain: Month, 36 days long

Linc: Week, 12 days long

Molting: Autumn

Winter: If I need to explain this I’ll slap you.

Rebirth: Spring

Flourishing: Summer

Length of Seasons:

Molting: 3 Chains (1-3)

Winter: 5 Chains (4-8)

Rebirth: 3 Chains (9-12)

Flourishing: 2 Chains (13-14)

The following is the roll of Chains that make up a year in Pariatas:



Faelar – Chillwind (36th day of Faelar)




Hel – The Gloom (13th day of Hel)

Treyax – Deadwinter (36th day of Treyax)



Terrestra – Thaw (36th day of Terrestra)


Verdance – Requiem (36th day of Verdance)

There are world recognized holidays held at the end of each season to celebrate the end of that season and the beginning of the next one. There are four in total. Additionally, every Solar Eclipse (called Veils) is considered a holiday, on which feasts and festivals are held.


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